The artist Claudia Cantoni

Claudia Cantoni

Claudia Cantoni is a Swiss Italian painter, she studied at the European Institute of Design in Milan and graduated in Classical Archeology at King’s College in London. This training course has allowed her to acquire a complete vision of the world of the arts and of its development over the course of human history.​
For the past 8 years she has exhibited her works in Switzerland “Eye inspires hand”, London “Kanojo”, and in Germany “Eye and Hand“.

Recently she has exhibited in Italy and Switzerland, With the project the “Art for the Global Goals” an exhibition that includes 17 paintings illustrating the 17 goals for sustainable development set by the United Nations for 2030. This project has been created by the artistic duo EvE Carcan, formed by Claudia and the photographer Patricia Carpani​.

From the beginning, Claudia’s work has been characterised by a constant research aimed at conveying interior images, inspired by contemporary history, philosophy and by her personal need as an artist to involve people in her work, fully expressed in her project ” Unity “of which the installation / artistic performance” Betulle”, presented at the XIII edition of the Florence Biennale in 2021, won two prizes, the silver prize” Lorenzo il Magnifico “for the performance and the bronze for the installation.​

Amongst other experiences, she worked as a freelance illustrator in Milan (Compagnia dell’immagine), she has painted murals for individuals and for buildings owned by the Church, such as the Oratory of the “Passione” Church in Milan and the “Good Shepherd”on the island of Mauritius. ​

Claudia has also taught in art institutes such as the “Art Center College Europe” (Vevey CH) and the “Politecnico del Design” (Milan I).​