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The Art&Science project

It is often thought that either you have a scientific mind or an artistic soul.
It is not a true statement, people like Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Cartesio and Goethe and other important figures in history, teach us that these two disciplines are not at all far apart.​

The artist

Claudia Cantoni is a Swiss Italian painter working as a freelance illustrator

The researcher

Ester Piovesana is a researcher currently working at BIOS in Bellinzona

The Art&Science project aims at bringing into value these two realities, in an artistic experiment, uniting the interesting laboratory microscope research photos, with the surrealistic images that they inspire the artist.​

The main themes

The surrealistic images that are then freely elaborated within 4 main themes:

1) Micro and macro worlds

2) The mind (feelings and consciousness)

3) Technology

4) Nature

Funds collected from the artworks will also finance scientific research

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